February 2, 2017

DEAC to invest €10 million in new data center

The facility will be launched in Riga, the capital of Latvia by 2018

This week, DEAC, a cloud resource and IT services provider in Northern Europe has announced its plans to start a new data center in Riga, the capital of Latvia. The company said that the facility will be ready for launch in 2018.

DEAC announced that it is investing €10 million in building the data center and plans to double the capacity of its existing facilities. It also says that the new facility will offer 4 MW of IT load and will feature energy efficiency using state-of-the-art technologies, providing availability rate at a minimum of 99.98%.

DEAC added that the capacity of both existing data centers in Riga is 330 server racks, but after launching the new data center, DEAC will operate 730 server racks. Thus the company will have the largest number of server racks in the commercial segment of the region, providing its customers with “almost unlimited capacity” of IT resources.

Andris Gailitis, CEO, DEAC said:

After more than ten years of experience in foreign markets, we have achieved recognition as a secure and premium service provider on a regional scale.

We have also succeeded in positioning Riga as one of the most attractive places for data storage in Europe.

We are developing our infrastructure to provide customized, complex IT solutions and unlimited infrastructure capacity for fast growing projects on a world-class level.

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