March 14, 2018

CyberArk acquires cloud security provider Vaultive

The acquisition seeks to strengthen CyberArk’s cloud-based security solutions portfolio.

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Cybersecurity firm CyberArk have acquired cloud-security company Vaultive in a bid to boost their privileged account security solutions portfolio. With this acquisition, CyberArk aims to leverage Vaultive’s technology to deliver transparency and control over cyber attacks for privileged business users deploying IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions.

CyberArk claims that adding Vaultive’s cloud-based solutions secures accounts and mitigates risks by ensuring that customers hold on to their encryption keys. They further added that this solution lowers the possibility of giving any leeway to proponents of cyber-attacks.

Speaking about the advantage provided by Vaultive, Udi Mokady, Chairman and CEO of CyberArk, commented:

The Vaultive team brings innovative technology and advanced cloud industry experience to CyberArk. We look forward to incorporating the technology to add additional depth and proactive protection for enterprises facing an expanding attack surface in the cloud.

Vaultive provides a strong building block to accelerate CyberArk’s cloud security strategy, making CyberArk the only vendor able to extend privileged account security to administrators and privileged business users in cloud environments with this level of granularity and control.

Echoing Mokady’s statement, Ben Matzkel, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Vaultive, said:

I’m extremely proud of everything that the Vaultive team accomplished. It’s becoming increasingly clear that customers desire a unified security approach that extends from the data center to the cloud.

Fortified with Vaultive’s technology and its team, CyberArk is uniquely positioned to meet this critical need. We look forward to working closely with CyberArk customers around the world to advance their privileged account security strategies for the cloud.

Industry analysts believe that privileged business users, as well as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS administrators, have unlimited access to social media and web-based sales applications. They also opine that this acquisition is a step in the right direction to provide a secure access to these platforms.

Let us hope that this acquisition bears fruit for both parties.