February 8, 2018

Compass Datacenters acquires EdgePoint and BitBox USA

The acquisitions aim to broaden Compass’ mission-critical offerings ranging from core IT to edge computing.

Dallas based data center facilitator Compass has acquired two edge computing startups EdgePoint and Bitbox in a bid to expand their portfolio of products. With these acquisitions, Compass will add designing, manufacturing and monitoring capabilities to its current product offerings.

Compass say that with EdgePoint, they will unveil a new product range named ‘Compass EdgePoint’, a fully IT enabled and power backed product for the edge computing market. They further added that with BitBox, they will continue to serve as an edge facility management platform.

According to Compass, the combined acquisitions are made keeping the rising adoption of IoT in mind. They further explained that the data center industry is slowly moving towards distributed infrastructure and the developments in the IoT and AI industries are likely to spur demand for edge services in the future.

Explaining this prediction in detail, Chris Crosby, CEO at Compass Datacenters commented:

This is an exciting time for the data center industry because the definition of a data center is changing so dramatically. It wasn’t that long ago that the only model for a corporate data center was a monolithic, end-user-built structure that was inflexible, capital-intensive and inefficient in a hundred ways.

Lauding the vision laid by Compass for the two acquired companies, Jon Trout, Founder of BitBox commented:

Compass has a holistic vision of IT infrastructure that views all data center assets as an integrated whole. That is particularly important as data center infrastructure becomes more distributed in order to move computing power closer to end users.I am really energized about continuing this work as part of the Compass family of companies.

Echoing Trout, Sharif Fotouh, founder of EdgePoint added:

Compass has one of the most respected names in the industry, and we share a vision for how data center infrastructure needs to evolve to meet the technical and business requirements of tomorrow.

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