February 8, 2018

T5 to undergo data center expansion in Atlanta

The expansion aims to increase T5’s global footprint by building another data center in the region with USD 100M investment.

Data center company T5 has announced that they will be building a new data center in Atlanta, U.S.A, in a bid to expand their global footprint. With this expansion, T5 will be adding a data center facility of 130,000 sq.feet to its Atlanta campus with a USD 110M investment.

T5 say that the technology-enabled region of Atlanta is home to tech giants such as Google and Facebook for their data centers. They further added that changing business dynamics and growth opportunities in the region have been responsible for the Atlanta to be a preferred location for data centers.

This move has come weeks after T5 decided to unveil their first data center outside the U.S in Ireland, claims T5. They further added that with the data center located at Cork in Ireland and Atlanta in the U.S they will be able to focus on businesses looking to avail data center services.

Speaking about the expansion in Ireland then, Pete Marin, CEO & President of T5 Data Centers had commented:

We expect T5@Ireland to attract European customers seeking a new location for their enterprise operations, and for U.S. companies seeking a European data center presence. This is the next phase of T5’s global expansion strategy and shows our commitment to serve our customers wherever they need us.

Industry experts opine that T5’s decision to expand their data center in Atlanta is in tandem with their global expansion plan. It will be interesting to watch how T5 makes the most out of these moves.

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