March 4, 2016

Comodo Launches Comodo Dome

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Comodo Dome, an integrated solution that acts as a series of highly advanced security checkpoints across all incoming and outgoing traffic on a network.

Comodo, a cyber security solutions provider, recently launched a new Cloud Delivered Secure Web Platform – Comodo Dome, an integrated solution that acts as a series of highly advanced security checkpoints across all incoming and outgoing traffic on a network.
The company states that Comodo Dome is modular in its approach, allowing system administrators and IT directors to layer in just the modules they need across their networks as they grow, including advanced threat protection (ATP), Web security, portable containment, sandboxing, antispam, data loss prevention (DLP), next-generation firewall, bandwidth management and a secure VPN service. It further states that, each individual module can be added in minutes to provide total security and compliance to corporate policies, regardless of the end user, device or location. Enterprises of all sizes, as well as Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), can take full advantage of Comodo Dome as a stand-alone service or as a modular platform to deliver services to others.

Comodo explains a Security as a Service (SaaS) platform, Comodo Dome is built upon Comodo’s default-deny platform, which places emphasis on allowing known good applications, while denying everything else until a verdict on those applications is reached. This approach is the opposite of the traditional industry method of default-allow, and thus ensures uninterrupted business productivity across an enterprise, while protecting users from advanced targeted attacks.

As per the company, Comodo Dome inspects every byte of Internet traffic and blocks zero-day malware and malicious files in real time, even if they are currently undetected by all other antivirus engines. Comodo Dome acts as a Web proxy that blocks known bad files and then identifies unknown files and wraps them in a portable container in flight, ensuring that end users are free to open, execute and use the files with zero risk of infection. Even sophisticated targeted attacks and the newest emerging threats are contained and blocked in real time, claims Comodo.

The Comodo Secure Web Platform helps eliminate the cumbersome costs associated with traditional gateway services, and instead provides a centralized cloud platform that provides the mission critical boundary technologies needed to protect and secure infrastructures.

“Every best-of-breed Web security solution today leaves significant gaps in securing mobile first, cloud-centric and borderless networks. Having large security content filters and backhauling traffic from remote offices is quickly becoming cumbersome and costly for IT departments of all sizes,” said John Peterson, vice president of Enterprise Products at Comodo. “With Comodo Dome, companies can use the platform by itself or layer it with their existing security gateways as an additional and highly critical piece of security, which prevents patient zero infections and unknown file types from being executed on internal networks and devices – solving the malware problem.”

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