February 22, 2018

CloudJumper acquires software provider Independence IT

The acquisition aims to enable CloudJumper ‘s SMB and startup clients with more control over public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

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Workplace-as-a-Service provider CloudJumper has acquired software service provider Independence IT in a bid to ease migration to its cloud platform. With this acquisition, CloudJumper will give more control to its startup and SMB clients over public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

According to CloudJumper the addition of Independence IT to their portfolio will enable customers with easy one-click WaaS (Workplace-as-a-Service) deployment across the public and private cloud. They further added that this acquisition also allows clients to adopt a multi-cloud strategy by reducing time and resources to build and deploy cloud solutions.

Explaining this in detail, JD Helms, President at CloudJumper, commented:

Businesses today are under pressing demands to deploy IT in ways that optimize agility, productivity, and security. The acquisition will empower CloudJumper to deliver the most complete solution portfolio on the market and address these challenges head-on.

With this innovative complement, CloudJumper will provide new perspectives on the digital transformation of business, strengthening and streamlining all aspects of client computing systems and management.

CloudJumper say that with this deal, organizations will be able to avail a cradle-to-grave approach for IT deployment, taking care of their entire IT lifecycle. Explaining this, Helms added:

The combined entity provides full workspace and application lifecycle management for IT service providers with everything from initial network discovery and on-boarding, to billing and customer support. The continued evolution of this powerful platform will drive new opportunities for both our partners and the industry at large.

In closing, both parties added that the terms of the deal will not be at discretion.