December 12, 2017

Cloudbric partners with Trendhosting for WAF services

The partnership aims to connect German and Central European users with Cloudbric’s WAF (Web Application Firewall) Services.

Penta Security’s Cloudbric has opened an internet data center in Nuremberg, Germany by partnering with German web hosting provider Trendhosting. With this deal, Cloudbric will be able to push their WAF (Web Application Firewall) services with Trendhosting’s local expertise in Europe.

Through this alliance, Cloudbric and Trendhosting aim to connect German and Central European users to Cloudbric’s web security solutions by providing them on-demand access at affordable rates.

Praising the services provided by Cloudbric, Mustafa Beciragic, CTO of Trendhosting, said:

We like how Cloudbric’s firewall engine focuses on performance and commits to low false positive rates. This matched our main objective to deliver a high-performance platform to our customers, especially during this time of rising security requirements.

Echoing Beciaragic’s thoughts, TJ Jung, VP of Product & Technology, Trendhosting commented:

We share the same commitment with our partners in providing the highest quality of service, ensuring that website security is accessible to all. For this reason, in a region as large and as varied as Europe, we’ve opened new doors through partnerships to extend our WAF service to a greater consumer base.

This partnership with Trendhosting is Cloudbric’s fourth data center in Europe and they say that more such rollouts within Europe are in the pipeline.

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