September 10, 2018

Cloud company Salesforce, Vantage Data Centers expand server farms

The expansion seeks to provide data center services to cloud-native enterprises by improving access speed and hub facilities.

Cloud company

Cloud company Salesforce and Vantage Data Centers will be undergoing a major data center expansion at their U.S. hubs. As per the expansion, Salesforce will be improving access speed for customers by extending their footprint in Digital Realty Hubs, whereas Vantage Data Centers will be improving the quality of facilities at their Silicon Valley center.

According to Salesforce, Digital Realty data centers have faster access to direct and private network connections. They claim that these data centers give cloud providers access to a larger pool of the enterprise customers.

By partnering with Digital Realty, Salesforce claim that their enterprise cloud customers will get improved access to Salesforce Lightning Platform through 15 facilities globally. With this alliance, the cloud company believes that their customers will be able to create, deploy and store cloud apps much faster than before.

Speaking about the partnership with Digital Realty, Chris Sharp, CTO at Digital Realty, explained:

Direct connections to Salesforce through Service Exchange give enterprises the confidence they need to expand their deployment quickly and cost-effectively with the knowledge that application performance will improve significantly with reduced risk of service interruptions.

Global enterprises increasingly turn to Digital Realty to enable their own rapid expansion, and we are committed to continuing to innovate to meet their interconnection needs.

Parallelly, Vantage Data Centers have expanded their data center assets by completing the construction of their facility in a supply-constrained city of Santa Clara in Silicon Valley, California. With this expansion, Vantage have incorporated new types of cooling technologies at the hub in order to minimize water usage while maintaining ultra-low energy efficiency and PUE.

Chris Yetman, Chief Operating Officer at Vantage, commented:

We’re particularly proud of the gains in performance and cooling we’ve made with this new expansion. Vantage’s continued dedication to providing sustainable value, optimized for the wholesale environment, is one of the reasons we’ve had such success in Silicon Valley.

Looks like both companies are leaving no stone unturned with their data center expansion. It will be interesting to see how players like Vantage and Salesforce make the most out of this, just as Google will be with their USD 600 million investment in South Carolina.