January 8, 2018

ClearBlade collaborates with NXP semiconductors to deliver high-performance IoT applications

The collaboration aims to build low-cost scalable IoT applications across industries by leveraging edge-computing capabilities.

ClearBlade, an IoT (Internet of Things) company, has reached an agreement to collaborate with NXP semiconductors to build low-cost high-performance IoT apps across verticals by leveraging edge computing techniques. The deal states that this application, which is built by integrating ClearBlade’s Edge platform into NXP’s edge computing solution, will showcase its AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities to NXP’s guests at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2018 in Las Vegas.

ClearBlade say that they have been working on a cost-effective and scalable IoT solution with NXP that can be replicated across many verticals such as real estate, transport, and retail. They further state that they see the use of this product in the form of an application in smart homes, smart buildings and connected constructions to provide reliable and secure device managing capabilities. In a bid to achieve this, ClearBlade explained that partnering with someone who is capable of providing a powerful solution that cuts through cloud platforms would be beneficial. Explaining this, Eric Simone, CEO of ClearBlade said:

Providing cloud agnostic deployment and powerful edge computing capabilities requires collaboration with technology leaders. NXP delivers the most advanced edge computing and sensor technology in the IoT market. When combined with ClearBlade’s industry-leading IoT Edge Platform software, this relationship provides companies with the tools necessary to build complex and secure IoT solutions, rapidly.

Echoing Simone’s thoughts, Denis Cabrol, General Manager of NXP solutions is convinced that AI and cloud computing is creating a major challenge for the customers. He further added that entering into this collaboration was a timely need to give customers what they wanted. Emphasizing this point, Cabrol said:

The rapid development of IoT, edge computing and decentralized artificial intelligence is creating a major challenge for our customers. By combining NXP technology with the ClearBlade software platform, we enable complete solutions.

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