March 5, 2018

Bitnami launches ‘Stacksmith’ for enterprise applications

The product aims to simplify migration of running applications to the cloud by repackaging and delivering them by leveraging automation prowess.

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U.S-based SaaS company Bitnami have launched ‘Stacksmith’, a tool to simplify the migration of enterprise-level applications from data centers to public and private cloud environments. With this launch, Bitnami seeks to remove the complexity of application packaging by enabling organizations with a single tool to maintain and migrate in-house custom applications.

Bitnami claim that earlier, packaging, deploying and maintaining software-stack of cloud and container-based applications would be a daunting task since it took a lot of manual effort. They further added that migrating these applications to the cloud from data centers would be even harder. In a bid to reduce the time taken to migrate these applications to the cloud, Bitnami said that creating a tool that would ease this transition was imperative.

According to Bitnami, ‘Stacksmith’ takes a running application in the data center, repackages it and delivers the same running application in public or private cloud. They say that by automating this process, enterprises get a complete migration experience to consolidate their data center support.

By publishing more than 120 applications in its cloud-based application platform, Bitnami say that organization using cloud services like Amazon, Oracle, Azure and Google can leverage this re-packaging tool to migrate their applications from data centers to the cloud. They also said that apart from leveraging automation as a key feature for ‘Stacksmith’, enterprises can also leverage on other features such as maintenance and optimization to scan for security vulnerabilities.

Speaking about the launch, Daniel Lopez, CEO of Bitnami, commented:

As a company that is 100% focused on packaging applications and has been building our internal automation and tooling around this for years, we felt that the maturity of our solution and the increasing enterprise demand to migrate internal applications aligns perfectly.

Bitnami’s deep expertise in packaging and maintaining cloud applications for a click-to-deploy experience allows us to automate far beyond just repackaging an application. It lets us also apply the platform specific logic, templating and components needed to deliver a repackaged application that is optimized and ready-to-deploy.