August 30, 2018

Big data storage provider DDN finalizes Tintri acquisition

The acquisition aims to expand DDN’s product portfolio in a bid to help them foray into the cloud-analytics market globally.

Big data storage

Big data storage company DDN (Data Direct Networks) are closing in on the acquisition of cloud-based analytics and intelligence firm Tintri in an undisclosed deal. With this acquisition, DDN seeks to diversify their product portfolio, gain access to the global cloud-analytics market and pull Tintri out of bankruptcy.

DDN claim that enterprises are looking for solution providers that give all virtualization products under one roof since it becomes easy to do business with the facilitator. They believe that an enterprise’s big data storage capabilities can be scaled easily if they are backed by virtualization and analytics software provided by vendors and facilitators.

By acquiring Tintri, DDN believe that their virtual storage capabilities will be boosted with analytics prowess that can help enterprises deduce meaningful insights at scale. They also claim that this acquisition will help DDN enter into the growing market of cloud and analytics at a global level.

Speaking about the acquisition, Alex Bouzari, Co-founder and CEO of DDN, commented:

We look forward to bringing the exceptional suite of virtualization and analytics products that Tintri has developed over the last decade to enterprise and hybrid cloud organizations around the world.

Our first order of business is to deliver immediate world-class support to the more than one thousand Tintri customers worldwide. Beyond that, we are thrilled to help businesses achieve significant value and transformational simplicity for their server virtualization, DevOps and VDI needs.

According to DDN, the acquisition has helped them consolidate their expansion plans and are hence looking forward to investing in server virtualization, NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express), expanded analytics, databases and other important areas.

Deployers of Tintri claim that this acquisition will benefit the analytics company immensely since it will allow them to focus on their aspirations under a separate division at DDN. It will be interesting to watch how DDN makes the most out of this deal, just as Rapid7 is by partnering with Microsoft to boost automation via cloud analytics.