July 25, 2018

AWS expands in South Africa to compete with Microsoft

The expansion aims to meet the rising need for cloud products and data centers in the country as a result of the success of cloud players.

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Cloud giant AWS is all set to expand their footprint in South Africa to meet the rising needs of data centers as well as cloud-based products. With this expansion, AWS aims to compete with the likes of Microsoft and other cloud players in the market by focusing on low-latency, high-speed network and a wide range of products as a benefit for customers.

AWS say that local IT players in South Africa saw relative success with the growing rate of cloud adoption in the region. They say that it was this success that enticed global players to foray into the South African market to provide high-end technology and rise above the local players.

By expanding their base in Cape Town, South Africa, AWS claim that they will be competing against the likes of Microsoft to offer customers benefits such as high-speed network, low-latency and a wide range of cloud products. They even claim that they are contemplating the idea of a large-scale data center to meet the growing demands of the customers.

As a result of this expansion, AWS say that they will also be hiring employees once the data center is complete. Geoff Brown, Sub-Saharan Africa regional manager for AWS, commented:

One of the many possibilities that we are currently looking at is opening a new data centre. As more South African customers and partners continue to choose AWS as their cloud provider we continue to hire more staff into our offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.