July 19, 2017

Atlantic.Net’s hosting service to integrate Trend Micro’s security suite

Trend Micro’s Deep Security Suite has been selected to optimize Atlantic.Net’s managed hosting solutions.

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Earlier this week, American cloud hosting solutions provider Atlantic.Net announced that its managed hosting solutions will be backed by Japanese security software specialists Trend Micro’s Deep Security Suite. The announcement comes in the aftermath of Atlantic.Net’s pledge to maintain the integrity of its customer’s data.

Atlantic.Net claim the Deep Security Suite will provide a range of security techniques optimized for data centers and cloud computing, thereby making it possible for customers of Atlantic.Net’s managed hosting service to protect their data by applying Trend Micro’s ‘Instant virtual Patch’ to servers, virtual desktops and application vulnerabilities. The Deep Security Suite can also combine multiple security controls under a central management console, which simplifies compliance protocols and performs auditing and report generation autonomously.

For the CEO of Atlantic.Net, Marty Puranik, the partnership is expected to address vital security concerns for his company:

Atlantic.Net’s partnership with Trend Micro is part of a concerted effort to store our client’s information safely and reliably. In addition to our current security offerings, we are now able to boast managed hosting solutions backed by their world-class security suite.

Considering the ever-increasing complexity of regulatory compliance, increased cyber security threats and growing Malware attacks, it’s especially important that we ensure the safety of our clients here at Atlantic.Net. Working alongside Trend Micro will go a long way towards solidifying our position as secure hosting leaders.

Likewise, security was the theme of Trend Micro’s VP of US Channels, Dan Woodward’s statement:

We are proud to be the security vendor of choice for Atlantic.Net. We share the vision to not only deliver bullet-proof security, but operationally efficiency across physical, virtual and cloud environments.