August 11, 2016

Alibaba Group plans to open a new data center in September

The e-commerce giant adds another data center in Singapore, which will also serve as their headquarters

Telecom giant

Recently, Alibaba Cloud held a cloud computing conference in Beijing where they announced their plan to build an additional headquarters in Singapore to manage overseas business and to serve the needs of customers in Southeast Asia.

Alibaba claims that they will contact local ISPs to follow various data security rules set by other countries across the world and establish an Internet Data Center in Singapore. Alibaba’s already has it’s headquarters in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. The two headquarters will now be in charge of all data on the Alibaba cloud.

Yu Sichen, Vice President of Alibaba Group says :

Data from all countries and the oversight of networks will be operated by the two hubs.

Li Jin, Director, R&D for Alibaba Cloud :

Alibaba Cloud’s services need to meet the standards of different markets since most customers tend to adopt local data. EU, Southeast Asia, Japan, North America and even China—different countries apply different standards.

Dual hubs can better manage these rules.

Alibaba Group’s cloud computing subsidiary Aliyun also plans to open four overseas data centers in Japan, Europe, Australia and the Middle East by the end of this year, to speed up the global deployment of its cloud computing infrastructure.

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