May 7, 2018

Akamai strikes deal with CIRA to boost cyber-security

The alliance seeks to expand Akamai’s market presence in a bid to secure organizations from cyber threats.

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Canadian ccTLD .CA’s domain registry CIRA (Canadian Internet Registry Authority) has partnered with cyber-security provider Akamai in order to secure Canadian organizations from cyber threats. Under the terms of this alliance, CIRA will secure organizations opting for the ccTLD by leveraging Akamai’s D-Zone DNS Firewall.

Domain registry CIRA claim that cyber-security is the order of the day and organizations choosing the .CA ccTLD are looking to make their websites a safe bet for visitors. They also claim that most of these cyber threats come from foreign countries and protecting the ccTLD becomes imperative.

In order to lend support to businesses and organizations in Canada, CIRA say that they have struck a deal with Akamai to boost their cyber security with D-Zone DNS Firewall. They also claim that the D-Zone product has gained prominence since organizations in the educational, healthcare and municipal sectors have started adopting the same.

Speaking about the alliance, Richard Blatt, Business Development Director, Akamai Technologies, commented:

As the world’s largest and most assigned cloud delivery platform, we seek out partners that share our commitment to safe, stable, secure digital experiences. CIRA is a recognized leader in providing those experiences, and we look forward to working with them to bring important and valuable Internet security services to Canada.

Akamai claim that the D-Zone DNS Firewall blocks close to 1 million threats every month for customers in Canada. They also claim that this deal will help them boost Akamai’s market presence.

Echoing Blatt, Dave Chiswell, VP of product development, CIRA said:

As the stewards of the .CA domain, we understand that only by thinking globally can we help build a better online Canada.

The majority of threats come from outside our borders, which is why we have combined Akamai’s global cloud security platform with CIRA’s unique knowledge of the Canadian cybersecurity landscape to build a product that protects organizations of all sizes and sectors from malware and ransomware.