January 9, 2017

OVH to open its first UK data center

The facility will be operational by the end of May 2017

This month, European cloud computing company OVH announced that it has chosen the inner suburbs of London as a location for its data center in the United Kingdom. This facility is the first of three data centers that the company has planned for the UK. This data center is expected to be operational by the end of May 2017.

The data center planned in the United Kingdom will have a capacity of 40,000 servers and will be interconnected to OVH’s point of presence (PoP) in London creating redundancy. The company says that the facility’s proximity to two sub-stations makes it possible to provide a high electrical capacity on site.

OVH in a release said:

Located less than half a millisecond from OVH’s point of presence (PoP) in London, the facility benefits from a direct connection to its data centers in Gravelines (then Roubaix and Paris), Amsterdam (then Brussels and Frankfurt), Montreal, and New York, through the fiber network that the OVH group has deployed worldwide to allow the lowest latency possible.

OVH also added that the first UK data center will cover 4,000 sq.mt. with no co-location space and it will be available first through its “Discover OVH” offers, then through its entire catalog.

After Brexit, there has been much speculation regarding business in the UK. The news of new data centers being opened has been noted by analysts as an interesting development in the market.

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