August 18, 2017

Optimizely advocates experimentation and testing with X platform updates

The updates are designed to enhance creative marketing capabilities by manipulating virtual customer experience.

American software firm Optimizely recently revealed three new feature enhancements for its flagship Optimizely X Platform, as the company focuses on experimentation and testing campaign scenarios in its push to magnify creative marketing skills. According to the company, the new updates will help customers scale their marketing technology programs across more teams and more areas of business.

Optimizely X is an experimentation and testing platform for mobile and web environments, along with a set of developer tools for testing in a wider set of contexts such as multiple channels, devices and applications. Details of the new enhancements to Optimizely X are as follows:

Mutually Exclusive Experiments – Runs multiple experiments at the same time on a website without interaction effects, instead of being limited to one experiment at a time. Marketers and business users can build mutually exclusive experiments on their own using a visual, intuitive interface which does not require custom code or developer support.

Custom Snippets – Customize snippets for more flexibility and control across projects and teams. Customers can now break snippets down into smaller fragments, which helps improve site performance or combine their projects within the same snippet to enable multiple teams to experiment on the same page at the same time.

Change History – Provides a detailed change history, which makes it possible to track changes made to any experiment, across teams.

While announcing the new updates, Founder and Executive Chairman of Optimizely, Dan Siroker explained:

As our customers increasingly build centers of excellence around experimentation, we have recognized a need for more powerful tools that will help them manage their experimentation programs across multiple teams and projects. To help make these customers more successful, we are simplifying the process to run multiple experiments simultaneously and offering new tools to customize Optimizely implementation across teams. With these additions, our customers will be able to experiment at scale with confidence.

Analysts concur that the new updates are Optimizely’s way of establishing testing and experimentation as an essential part of the creative marketing process. Mutually Exclusive Experiments and Custom Snippets have been made available to customers already, while Change History will be introduced in the coming weeks.

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