November 23, 2016

Linode opens second data center in Tokyo

The company has launched the new data center to meet growing demands in the APAC region

This week, cloud hosting provider Linode announced that it has opened a second data center in Tokyo called “Tokyo 2”. The additional data center is the company’s third facility in Asia and ninth worldwide.

Linode claims that the new data center is designed to meet the growing needs of customers in the APAC region, complementing existing data centers in Tokyo and Singapore. The company described the features of Linode’s Tokyo 2 as robust connectivity, KVM hypervisor, doubled RAM, SSD servers and mass availability upgrade over Tokyo 1.

The company claims that demand is high in Tokyo and the new data center will ensure availability to current and future customers. They also mentioned that the clients utilizing Tokyo 1 can easily migrate to the new data center.

Brett Kaplan, Linode’s data center operations manager said that his team researched and selected the best co-location facility, transit providers, hardware and software for this world-class data center.

Christopher Aker, CEO, Linode said :

Tokyo 2 represents a significant investment in the needs of the developers, entrepreneurs and businesses who choose Linode as their cloud service provider.

We are continuously striving to provide the best possible uptime, bandwidth, processing power, security, affordability and customer service for our clients. Tokyo 2 will have it all.

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