February 1, 2018

Great.Com leads NamesCon auction with USD 900,000 sale

The conference witnessed major bidding in the auctions with Payperclick.com and Runner.com leading to USD 1.5M worth of domain sales.

Domain name industry conference NamesCon has recorded sales worth USD 1.5M at its domain name bidding event, RightOfTheDot. According to NamesCon, Great.Com was the domain name that topped the domain name sales, with USD 900,000.

NamesCon say that in addition to Great.Com, the other domain names that raked up good sales figures were PayPerClick.com and Runner.com which were sold for USD 100,000 and USD 65,000 respectively. They further added that these numbers can be attributed to the change in business dynamics coupled with customer preference for particular domain names.

According to NamesCon, domain names that made heads turn with their sales figures in addition to the aforementioned ones are Tees.com, Boj.com, Fakenews.com and Bjn.com which were sold for USD 50,000, USD 35,000, USD 65,000 and USD 29,000 respectively. They further admitted that the bidding event held the attention of the participants more as compared to last year’s, because of the kind of domain names that were auctioned.

In closing, NamesCon said that unsold and unselected domain names will have an extended bidding event which will end on 8th of February. This bidding will happen online on NameJet.com, NamesCon revealed.

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