July 12, 2016

First Cyrillic .BG domain name registered

The Bulgarian government ministry says that development and testing of new Cyrillic .BG domains is continuing & ongoing.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Transport and Telecommunication announced today that the first address in Imena.bg [Names.bg], a top-level domain in Cyrillic and in Bulgarian is finally a reality.

This was made possible after the Board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) accepted the application of the Imena.bg [Names.bg] company to create and register the domain.

The Transport, IT and Communications Ministry is participating in the drafting of protected names including those of state authorities and municipalities. For example, the domain name sofia.bg in Cyrillic can only be registered by the Sofia Municipality.

An initial sunrise period of three-months has been planned with priority being given to trademark holders and organizations to protect their brand.

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