March 10, 2017

Endurance launches Constant Contact brand in India

The company will launch its email marketing services in India with a dedicated India website

Constant Contact, an Endurance company, this week announced the launch of its email marketing services in India. Constant Contact claims that the newly launched service will support small businesses in India in building successful and lasting customer relationships.

The company says that the service will be highly localized in order to meet the needs of the Indian market. The company will offer its Indian customers a freemium version of the product, with basic features available for free and a paid plan for advanced users.

Pankaj Gulati, Executive VP, Endurance International Group, said:

Boasting the second highest search volume for email marketing of any country in the world in the first half of 2016, India is a critical growth market for us.

The best way to have happy customers in India is to provide fully localized solutions with local payment methods and local support.

With this infrastructure already in place and with the global brand recognition of Constant Contact, we are demonstrating our commitment to serve the business community in India.

In addition to email marketing solutions, Constant Contact announced that it will have a dedicated India website, which has been updated for Indian users to offer a better experience. Keeping in mind the user and purchase decision behavior of local customers, the company will also offer local payment options as well as sales and support staff.

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