December 11, 2017

CoreOS lauches Tetonic 1.8, a Kubernetes container management platform

The product aims to empower enterprises with automated infrastructure components without vendor lock-in issues.

CoreOS has announced the launch of Tectonic 1.8, a Kubernetes container management platform. Tectonic 1.8 will enable enterprises with important automation infrastructure components that are built to eradicate all vendor lock-in issues.

Tectonic 1.8 has the latest version of Prometheus 2.0 monitoring solution for Kubernetes which enhances over-all performance with the help of its rewritten storage engine. It also manages the installed version of the Docker engine which will update to newer versions automatically.

Explaining the product need for the market, Reza Shaffi, Vice President of Product at CoreOS said:

We are seeing IT departments becoming more overwhelmed by the increasing loads.(…). Automation is becoming the tool to more efficiently manage this need.

The CoreOS platform, that targets infrastructure owners and admins, provides Kubernetes-using organizations a robust infrastructure to run enterprise applications in the cloud or hybrid environment of their choice. Acknowledging the added benefit Tetonic 1.8 provides, Rob Szumski, product manager at Tectonic said:

This Tectonic release is significant because it gives infrastructure leaders and managers the ability to expose these unique and powerful enterprise services to their teams.

According to Gartner’s ‘Market Guide for Container Management Software’, more than half of all global enterprises by 2020 will be running containerized applications in production. With this prediction, one can’t wait to watch the kind of container management strategies that will be deployed by owners and admins with the inclusion of Tetonic 1.8.

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