December 18, 2018

ZephyrTel acquires Interact and Mobile Messaging business units of NewNet

The acquisition seeks to expand ZephyrTel’s portfolio of cloud software solutions, in order to provide carrier-grade apps.


Telecommunication cloud software company ZephyrTel have acquired Interact and Mobile Messaging business units of NewNet to expand their product portfolio. With this acquisition, ZephyrTel will integrate Mobile Messaging, NimbleVox Cloud IVR and Invigorate Rating and Charging Platform into their cloud portfolio.

According to ZephyrTel, telcos take robustness, scale and throughput into consideration while deploying any cloud software for their networks. They say that these parameters help telcos boost their BSS (Business Support System) strategies along with their speed of deploying cloud systems.

By acquiring Interact and Mobile Messaging SBUs of NewNet, ZephyrTel claim that they will add NewNet Lithium, NimbleVox and Invigorate into their product portfolio. They say that these solutions will be marketed under ZephyrTel’s brand name globally. 

Speaking about the features and benefits provided by these three products, ZephyrTel say that: 

  1. NewNet Lithium along with messaging products will allow transmission of video, sound and text files for IoT platforms,
  2. NimbleVox, the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform, will provide customers with inbound and outbound voice services, and
  3. Invigorate will allow operators to promote services and applications, reducing the time to go-to-market, by leveraging thei cloud software.

ZephyrTel say that in addition to the cloud software, the telco will be providing 24/7 support and high-quality services to deliver enhanced levels of business value for tech investment.

Mike Shinya, CEO of ZephyrTel believes that the multiple acquisitions made by the company are a reflection of their aggressive global expansion strategy. He further added that they are looking forward to adding NewNet’s assets to position themselves as a go-to-cloud software provider in the market. 

It will be interesting to see how the telecom market reacts to this move, following the acquisition of Datanet by BringCom.