October 30, 2018

WorkDone, 3V Solutions partner to deliver machine learning technology

The alliance seeks to serve SAP customers with ‘Expertise Capture’ technology in order to optimize operational efficiencies by leveraging machine learning.

machine learning technology

SaaS company WorkDone have partnered with 3V Solutions to deliver machine learning technology to SAP customers. As per the terms of the partnership deal, WorkDone will provide Expertise Capture technology, a learned corporate memory service to optimize operational efficiencies and implement large-scale process automation.

According to WorkDone, enterprises need a tool or a platform to store organizational information such as events, patents, tasks etc. They say that this information helps organizations to maintain and optimize their efficiency or automate processes that are large in number.

By partnering with 3V Solutions, an SAP distributor/reseller, WorkDone will gain access to a huge enterprise segment worldwide in order to provide Expertise Capture, a corporate memory service. With this alliance, WorkDone claim that they will seamlessly monitor and capture the tasks performed by knowledge workers to permanently retain operational best practices.

Speaking about the alliance, Joe Rogers, Founder and CEO of WorkDone.AI, commented:

We are excited to partner with 3V, to bring our patent-pending Expertise Capture technology to their customers running SAP.

They will be among the first beneficiaries anywhere to experience the ROI made possible by systems of intelligence created from WorkDone agents and retained corporate memory.

3V Solutions claim that this partnership will benefit SAP-based customers a great deal since these enterprises rely on machine learning technology for workforce automation and corporate memory. Mark Dendinger, the Managing Partner of 3V Solutions, explained:

3V sees great potential in WorkDone’s offerings and looks forward to broadening our relationship across multiple use cases.

Presently, 3V’s SAP customers frequently expend unnecessary effort (along with non-SAP customers) on tasks that can be easily automated or re-engineered using WorkDone.

Industry analysts claim that the integration of machine learning technology into SaaS platforms, to boost operational efficacies, is good news for organizations since it will help them save a lot of time and manpower.

It will be interesting to see the turn of events in the machine learning market, following Panzuri’s launch of multi-cloud SaaS platform, Vizion.AI.