April 2, 2018

VMware acquires E8 Security to boost AI-based security tools

The acquisition seeks to secure VMware’s Workspace ONE intelligence by integrating E8’s cyber threat mitigation tool.

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Cloud infrastructure provider VMware have acquired E8 Security in order to help business detect cyber threats quickly. With this acquisition, VMware seeks to secure their ‘Workspace ONE’ platform by integrating it with E8’s AI-based, behavior analytics and threat mitigation tool.

According to VMware, organizations spend most of their efforts on productivity-killing policies or by deploying one-off security tools that work in silos. While attempting to secure themselves, some organizations are possibly opening up even more vulnerabilities since tools in silos do not provide holistic security.

In an attempt to provide a complete solution, VMware say that they have integrated E8’s security tool which mitigates cyber attacks with the help of behavior analytics and correlation. Speaking about these features, VMware added that E8’s behavior analytics discovers malicious activities with the help of automated machine learning tools and AI whereas, its correlation technique quickly assimilates and correlates data to secure the workspace.

Speaking about the acquisition, Sumit Dhawan, SVP of desktop products and solutions for VMware, commented:

E8 Security’s ability to analyze behavior has the opportunity to enhance the inherent security capabilities built on Workspace ONE to make security operations more proactive our customers will be able to streamline management, remediation, and automation to improve the employee experience and the security of their digital workspace.

The terms of the deal were undisclosed by both parties.