October 8, 2018

Utimaco launches ‘Cryptoserver Cloud’ for multi-cloud deployers

The solution aims to provide organizations with freedom from cloud service providers by securing their cloud environments through Utimaco’s HSM technology.

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Cloud security company Utimaco have launched Cryptoserver Cloud to provide independence to organizations deploying multi-cloud environments from cloud service providers. With this solution, Utimaco will be leveraging the HSM (Hardware Security Module) technology to allow customers to store their cryptographic keys in a separate location.

According to Utimaco, CSPs are experiencing a huge demand in the Asian and European markets to deploy multi-cloud environments but are facing obstacles when it comes to uniform security. The main issue, reveals Utimaco, lies in a single security solution that can control the access of all the cloud environments deployed.

By launching Cryptoserver Cloud, Utimaco believe that they will provide organizations with a ‘one-key-to-rule-all’ cloud environments, allowing them with full access and administrative rights. They also claim that this unique service will offer a safe repository for cryptographic key material and highly sensitive assets in the secure perimeter of an HSM in the cloud.

Speaking about the new product launch, Malte Pollmann, CEO of Utimaco, commented:

Utimaco CryptoServer Cloud offers customers the ability to support a wide range of data security compliance standards and cryptographic algorithms. This empowers organizations to securely implement their cloud strategy while maintaining multi-cloud agility.

Utimaco claim that the offering provides customers with a CSP-agnostic tool to migrate to multi-cloud environments, allowing them to securely store their information via a cryptographic key at a separate location. The also say that deployers can design and test the integration of the cloud-based HSM into their solution and infrastructure.

Pollmann further added:

The external cloud HSM enables customers to switch cloud vendors effortlessly or to use multiple cloud vendors without losing control over their encryption keys and thus getting locked in. Similarly, it simplifies partial or complete cloud exit strategies.

In closing, the cloud security company said that the solution will be available to other markets very soon. Industry experts claim that this solution will accelerate the multi-cloud market, especially after Palo Alto took over RedLock in a USD 173 million deal a few days ago.