December 22, 2017

U.S Department of Defence secure cloud computing move

The move is directed towards equipping warfighters with resources in times of crisis and strengthening the security of the department as a whole.

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The United States Department of Defence has announced an initiative to adapt to cloud computing, in order to support war-time troops in critical situations as well as equip the department with secure technology solutions. They further revealed that the migration to cloud took time because of the quantity of old but important data had to be modified as per the latest equipment.

U.S Department of Defence says that the adoption is crucial as far as gaining a technological edge is concerned. Highlighting the advantage that cloud migration will provide, Defence Information Systems Agency’s Director, Army Lt. Gen. Alan R. Lynn said:

You build a lake of information that you can pull from, and that’s a big benefit that helps with warfighting. If we need [a certain amount] of logistics to go here, and an amount of ammunition to go there, we’re now able to correlate all those different pieces at one time, which is very powerful for the warfighter.

According to U.S Department of Defence, their security apparatus detects attacks even before they get down to the ground level. They further added that because of cloud’s ability to extend its network by moving the information around, the application of their security apparatus can be amplified. Explaining this line of thought, Lynn stated:

If you move them (information) around the network, it’s hard to attack it. That’s when the defence really starts kicking in.

For the U.S Department of Defence, cloud migration is not an experiment but a long-term vision. In closing, they stated that they seek to educate their mission partners with cloud and reap its benefits to empower their department.