November 16, 2018

ThoughtSpot, GCP partner for enterprise multi-cloud analytics

The alliance seeks to simplify machine learning and data science workflows by integrating ThoughtSpot’s calculation engine ‘Falcon’ into GCP.

multi-cloud analytics

AI firm ThoughSpot have entered into an alliance with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to provide enterprises with multi-cloud analytics. With this alliance, ThoughSpot will be integrating their in-memory calculation engine called Falcon into Google’s Cloud Platform to ease data science and machine learning workflows for enterprises.

ThoughtSpot believe that enterprises deploying multi-cloud environments require a single source of information to monitor its performance. They say that these enterprises leverage data science and AI capabilities to boost their workloads and transform themselves into a digital powerhouse.

These advances, ThoughtSpot claim, are reshaping each industry by streamlining tasks, diminishing wasteful aspects, and opening new doors for the cloud users. Speaking about the benefits provided by their alliance, ThoughtSpot said that they will be able to provide cloud environments with:

1) All kinds of enterprise data through a ‘single source of truth’,
2) The flexibility to choose the right infrastructure for specific data needs, and
3) The ability to incorporate detection capabilities into their cloud architecture.

GCP say that this integration with Falcon will allow enterprises to collate all the data that exists in a silo and bring multi-cloud analytics to the fore.

Sudheesh Nair, CEO of ThoughtSpot believes that as enterprises move into various cloud environments, different strategies will need to be chalked out to make the most of machine learning and data science capabilities. He further added that this alliance will be a breakthrough with respect to testing the limits of deploying multi-cloud and machine learning together.

In addition to Falcon, ThoughtSpot say that they will also be integrating its CMLE algorithm into GCP’s data models to boost multi-cloud analytics. With this integration, ThoughtSpot believe that data science teams will be able to quickly test and deploy algorithms to extract insights.

According to Sudhir Hasbe, Director of Product Management at Google Cloud, enterprises are exploring their current IT environments to see what possibilities exist when it comes to AI and big data. However, he believes that their alliance with ThoughtSpot will be able to reduce doubts faced by enterprises and allow them to scale without any hiccups.

It will be interesting to see how GCP and ThoughtSpot make the most of this deal, following GCP’s alliance with NetApp for data storage and data volumes.