April 2, 2018

Megazone partners with CloudPassage for cloud security

The alliance seeks to provide Megazone’s customers with security, monitoring and disaster recovery services.

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South Korean IT facilitator Megazone have partnered with CloudPassage for cloud-based security solutions. With this strategic alliance, Megazone seeks to leverage CloudPassage’s cloud automation system providing DevSecOps, 24/7 monitoring, security, backup and disaster recovery services.

According to Megazone, organizations are looking for enterprise-grade cloud-based solutions that are high on performance. They also believe that these solutions must be multifaceted so as to meet all kinds of customers’ requirements.

CloudPassage’s Halo security services is an on-demand security tool that claims to run smoothly across all cloud environments. Through this acquisition, the Megazone Cloud One-Stop product seeks to enable organizations to monitor and secure business-critical workloads.

Speaking about the alliance, Max Lee, CSO of Megazone Corporation commented:

CloudPassage offers a secure operating platform that is optimized for cloud, rather than existing on-premise environment, enabling delivery of next-generation cloud security services.

In addition, we believe cooperation with CloudPassage will give us the capabilities to provide enhanced security management and optimization services for local cloud customers, utilizing its market-proven cloud security solutions.

CloudPassage are ecstatic after securing the deal. Explaining their delight, Robert Thomas, CEO at CloudPassage said:

We are very enthusiastic about our partnership with Megazone. The addition of the CloudPassage Halo security service to Megazone’s Cloud One-Stop is a hugely compelling offering for the APAC region and will help to rapidly propagate high-performance and secure Enterprise cloud implementations.