October 25, 2018

Telstra partners with Vodafone NZ on security management services

The partnership aims to provide security services to enterprise and government customers by leveraging Telstra’s 24/7 cloud protection platform.

security management services

Vodafone NZ (New Zealand) have announced a strategic deal with Telstra to resell cloud-based security management services to government and enterprise customers in New Zealand. As per the terms of the deal, the cloud platform developed by Telstra will be integrated by Vodafone to provide 24/7 open managed security services by leveraging AI and data analytics capabilities.

According to Vodafone, government and enterprise customers in the Australia and New Zealand market are undergoing digital transformation to walk hand-in-hand with technological advancements. One of these advancements, Vodafone say, is the deployment of cloud technologies to build and run work-related applications.

Since these applications and workloads carry business sensitive data, Vodafone say that securing them has become extremely important. Hence, to ensure its security 24/7, Vodafone say that they entered into a deal with Telstra to provide open managed security services by using AI and data analytics.

By partnering with Telstra, Vodafone say that they will be integrating their security offerings into the former’s cloud platform. They also claim that this alliance will help both Telstra and Vodafone to expand their reach globally.

Warren Shera, Head of Security Practice, Vodafone NZ, commented:

Working with Telstra means that we now have a powerful intelligence and analytics platform at our fingertips. The platform not only quickly identifies and explores cyber threats but is also able to see true mathematical anomalies.

Telstra say that they are thrilled with this deal and believe that the alliance will allow them to market their cloud platform without investing much.

Michael Ebeid, Group Executive at Telstra, commented:

We are very excited to be able to expand our presence in New Zealand and announce our security services reseller arrangement with Vodafone New Zealand. We are exploring similar arrangements in the managed services, cloud and digital services domains.

Customers are already talking with us about how we can not only help them improve their operations in New Zealand but also reach global markets via our global capabilities.

Market analysts claim that this deal will allow Vodafone NZ to boost their presence globally. Seems like Vodafone are really leaving no stone unturned while competing against telcos in the AUS-NZ market, following the USD 15 billion merger with TPG.