May 15, 2018

StackPath merges with monitoring firm Server Density

The merger aims to bring Server Density’s monitoring capabilities to StackPath’s platform in a bid to expand their product offerings.

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Secure edge services platform provider StackPath have merged with infrastructure monitoring company Server Density. According to the merger deal, Server Density will bring surveillance capabilities to StackPath’s platform in a bid to extend their product offerings.

According to StackPath, businesses are looking for solutions where monitoring servers and websites in the cloud environment is possible. They also claim that there is a demand for solutions that use a single console and API to maximize server performance, maintain uptime and diagnose problems.

By integrating Server Density’s monitoring prowess with their platform, StackPath feel that they will be able to cater to the needs of organizations. Speaking about the deal, Lance Crosby, Founder, Chairman and CEO of StackPath, commented:

StackPath has the highest commitment to providing our customers frictionless services, complete visibility into their solutions, and building strong relationships with the open source community and the industry at large.

Server Density has followed the same commitments as it built exceptional technologies that are second to none and grew operations at cloud scale.

Server Density are delighted with the merger deal and believe that their tools and products have found the right channel to reach their customers. Explaining this, David Mytton, co-founder and CEO at Server Density said:

It’s gratifying to see how well our tools have been received, not only by customers, but by developers and companies that have built on the code that we’ve open sourced.

My team and I are excited to bring Server Density into the StackPath platform and accelerate even more evolutionary ways to leverage these technologies.