January 9, 2019

Sophos acquires AI-cloud security startup Avid Secure

With this acquisition, Avid aims to provide visibility to users, where as Sophos will be growing their AI-cloud prowess.

Security firm Sophos have acquired AI-cloud startup Avid Secure to boost the former’s security analytics, compliance and DevSecOps platform. As per the terms of the deal, Avid will be providing visibility and monitoring capabilities to users whereas, Sophos will be growing their AI-cloud prowess to become the go-to-provider when it comes to security in the cloud.

According to Sophos, enterprises leverage AI and the cloud mainly to build and orchestrate business critical applications. These enterprises, they say, need a platform to not only build applications but also monitor anomalies and discrepancies in the environment.

By acquiring Avid, Sophos claim that their DevSecOps platform will be fortified with AI prowess and allow enterprises to detect and mitigate viruses if any. They also say that enterprises will be able to secure their cloud infrastructure end-to-end and reduce the cost and time to do the same.

Dan Schiappa, Senior VP and General Manager of Products at Sophos, claims that accelerated adoption of public cloud environments is creating data security problems for many organizations. He believes that by introducing cloud workload protection with this acquisition, enterprises will be able to position themselves as a facilitator of secure AI-cloud in the market.

Neither of the two firms have disclosed financial terms of the deal. It will be interesting how Sophos make the most of this acquisition, following their alliance with Tech Data for regional boost.