January 9, 2018

SolarWinds acquires Loggly to deepen cloud portfolio

With this acquisition, SolarWinds plans to enable their customers with business and data intelligence leveraging Loggly’s analytics expertise.

IT software management company SolarWinds has acquired SaaS company Loggly in a bid to provide the former’s customers with data and business intelligence. With this acquisition, SolarWinds feel they have strengthened their cloud portfolio and plan to enhance their offerings for current customers.

According to SolarWinds, visualizing data and cracking insights is increasingly becoming important, in order to arrive at business solutions across industries. They further added that acquiring Loggly will allow them to provide their customers with business intelligence at affordable rates. Explaining the same, Christoph Pfister, Executive Vice President of Products at SolarWinds commented:

Rapidly visualising vast amounts of data through log analytics is absolutely critical to solving many problems in today’s diverse, complex cloud-application and microservices environments. Adding Loggly to our industry-leading portfolio will empower customers to accelerate their time-to-insight and solve problems faster, with our usual, disruptive affordability.

SolarWinds further added that with this acquisition they plan to extend their offerings to a wider customer base now that Loggly is one of their business units. They also revealed that they look forward to enhancing one of their products named ‘Papertrail’ by taking full advantage of Loggly’s SaaS platform.

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