January 7, 2019

PT&T partners with 5G Security to offer cyber protection services to enterprises in the Philippines

The alliance aims to bring Philippine’s National Cyber security plan 2022 into fruition, to provide cyber protection to the country.

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PT&T (Philippine Telegraph and Telephone) have entered into an alliance with 5G Security (5GS) to provide cyber protection services to enterprises in the Philippines. As per the terms of the deal, PT&T, as well as 5G Security, aim to meet Philippinian Government’s National Cyber Security vision of 2022 and provide protection from virus attacks.

According to PT&T, one of the goals of the government’s cyber security plan is to establish cyber resilience measures that would prepare the whole of Philippines for cyber attacks. They say that the DICT’s (Department of Information and Communication’s Technology) plan outlines a few hardware and software solutions offered by 5GS, that could help PT&T accomplish the larger goal.

By joining hands with 5GS, PT&T claim that the former’s products integrated with their telecommunication prowess will allow them to mitigate cyber risks.They say that 5GS’ multi-dimensional security system, ground security along with computer networks and security virtualization will allow PT&T to accelerate cyber security across the country.

James G. Velasquez, CEO and President at PT&T believes that the partnership with 5GS is timely since the number of cyber attacks are on the rise, day-by-day. He also claims that this alliance will further fortify their telecom service portfolio.

It will be interesting to see how PT&T make the most of this alliance, following the acquisition of Secure-24 by NTT.