December 14, 2017

Peak 10+ ViaWest announce expansion of their Oregon data centers

The expansion aims to provide connectivity-enabled hybrid IT solutions to customers across the U.S.

IT infrastructure provider Peak 10+ViaWest has announced the expansion of its Brookwood data center in Oregon. The expansion, touted to be more than 114,000-square feet, is being built from the ground up next to its existing data center and will roughly reach a size of more than 220,000 square-feet on completion.

Peak 10+ ViewWest say that the expansion plan was laid after closely monitoring trends in the IT industry and observing a high percentage of adaption of businesses to hybrid solutions. Explaining the decision, Chris Downie, CEO for Peak 10 + ViaWest said:

We are seeing great demand for connectivity-enabled colocation and highly-reliable hybrid IT solutions across the country, and especially in the greater Portland area. Our Brookwood data center is a highly sought after location due its impressive high-density capacity and impending carrier-neutral, low-latency connectivity to Asia and the South Pacific. Our customers – and the industry – will continue to see us add new capacity and capabilities to our data centers to address this demand.

Peak 10+ ViaWest further added that their data centers, which are now updated with 100 Gigabit connectivity, allow them to diversify their network through a portfolio of 41 data centers which span across 21 markets worldwide.

With this expansion, Peak 10+ ViaWest say, they are helping clients to migrate sensitive information safely to a hybrid solution, with their main servers housed in the Brookwood facility.

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