February 26, 2018

Park Place acquires Axentel technologies

The acquisition seeks to expand Park Place’s global footprint in a bid to optimize infrastructural costs for customers.

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Data center hardware maintenance company Park Place Technologies has acquired IT hardware company Axentel Technologies in order to increase their global footprint. With this acquisition, Park Place will provide low-cost infrastructure to their data center clients as they foray into global markets.

Park Place say that acquiring Axentel will allow them to access the South East Asian region, where the data center market is growing rapidly. They also say that this acquisition will deliver superior service delivery, enhanced flexibility and value-driven maintenance solutions to Park Place’s customers.

Emphasizing their vision for the Asian market, Chris Adams, President and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of Park Place Technologies, said:

Our objective is to be the premier and largest TPM in Asia. Combining Park Place’s existing APAC infrastructure with Axentel’s coverage in 28 countries worldwide reinforces that objective.

We are incredibly excited to join forces with Axentel Technologies to support our global customers with multi-platform, multi-generation network, server and storage equipment.

Axentel say that they are enthralled to join the likes of Park Place and are looking forward to accelerating their business. Explaining this, Jerry Yiu, former CEO, Axentel Technologies, commented:

Our customers, along with Park Place Technologies’ customers, will reap the benefits of cost savings, time efficiency, convenience and reliability, all of which are paramount to our long-standing commitment in serving customers worldwide.

We look forward to joining Park Place Technologies as we continue to accelerate the growth of our business and provide new opportunities for our employees and customers.