May 17, 2018

Oracle expands into AI sector with acquisition

The acquisition seeks to combine Oracle’s cloud infrastructure with Datascience’s tools to harness predictive analysis for businesses.

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Oracle have acquired cloud workspace platform provider in a bid to harness predictive analytics for businesses. With this acquisition, Oracle seek to provide a single platform to leverage machine learning tools for predictive analytics and better decision making.

Oracle say that machine learning is gradually evolving as a key tool to gain an upper hand in the competitive cloud market. They also believe that this technology can be leveraged to reduce workloads for data science projects.

With this acquisition, Oracle say that they have stepped up their efforts to expand into the AI sector. They also say that organizations will be able to explore data science and machine learning, in particular, to arrive at better business decisions.

Speaking about the acquisition, Amit Zavery, Vice President of Oracle’s Cloud Platform, commented:

Every organization is now exploring data science and machine learning as a key way to proactively develop competitive advantage, but the lack of comprehensive tooling and integrated machine learning capabilities can cause these projects to fall short.

He further added:

With the combination of Oracle and, customers will be able to harness a single data science platform to more effectively leverage machine learning and big data for predictive analysis and improved business results. say that the acquisition will allow businesses to deploy machine learning models in production. They also say that organizations will be able to replicate these models quickly at scale.

Speaking about the benefit provided by, Ian Swanson, CEO at, commented:

With, customers leverage a robust, easy-to-use platform that removes barriers to deploying valuable machine learning models in production.

We are extremely enthusiastic about joining forces with Oracle’s leading cloud platform so customers can realize the benefits of their investments in data science.