February 2, 2018

NTT completes 100% acquisition of RagingWire

The acquisition seeks to foster business relations by leveraging RagingWire’s developed offerings.

Japanese telecom giant NTT, through their SBU NTT Communications, have announced that they have acquired data center facilitator RagingWire entirely after acquiring 80% equity stake in the company in 2014. With this acquisition, NTT claim that they will gain complete access to Raging’s clientele and multiply its data center business further.

According to NTT, their decision to buy 80% equity in RagingWire bore fruit after NTT was able to expand to 140 sites across 20 countries with the unique technology offerings provided by RagingWire. They further explained that, since NTT’s data center business was booming ever since, furthering the business relationship was the next logical step.

NTT say that Raging’s influence on their global plans helped NTT steer their data center ambitions in the right direction. They further explained this by citing Raging’s important role in expanding Ashburn, Sacramento and Dallas data centers in the U.S with NTT’s financial backing.

Pleased with this acquisition deal, Douglas Adams, CEO and president of RagingWire, commented:

By joining NTT Communications, RagingWire became a global company with access to NTT’s financial strength, global data centres, and world-class information and communications technology solutions.

Thanks to the support we have received from NTT Com, RagingWire is uniquely positioned to meet the data centre needs of large enterprises and hyperscale cloud companies that require available data centre capacity in the top U.S. and international markets.

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