May 8, 2018

NTT Communications expands global IP network in the U.K.

The expansion seeks to provide a wide range of services to ISPs, cloud and CDN providers by leveraging their new point-of-presence.

Telecom company NTT’s SBU NTT Communications have expanded their Tier-1 global IP network by launching a new Point-of-Presence (POP) in Manchester, U.K. With this expansion, NTT Communications aim to meet the rising demands of ISP (Internet Service Providers), cloud and CDN (Content Delivery Network) providers in the region.

According to NTT Communications, Manchester is an area with plenty of scope for business growth given the number of broadcasters, digital media enterprises and financial organizations. They also added that the number of ISPs and cloud providers are rising parallel to the increase in the number of broadcast and media companies.

In order to meet this growing demand, NTT say that expanding their global IP network with a new POP in Equinix’s Manchester (M4) data center was necessary. They also claim that this data center enables direct connection to the London Internet exchange as well as a wide range of network service and cloud service providers.

Speaking about the expansion, Michael Wheeler, Executive Vice President of NTT Communications Global, commented:

We are delighted to extend our footprint to one of the UK’s largest technical hubs to serve a vibrant community of Internet-focused businesses and organizations.

We chose this center because it occupies a central position, delivering exceptional performance and reliability that fit perfectly with our fully redundant Tier-1 IP backbone.