March 27, 2017

North Korea to launch cloud computing service

The DPRK government will be launching its own cloud service called ‘Eunjong’ and it will focus on cloud storage

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This week, The North Korean government announced that it will soon join the cloud era with its own cloud computing service. As reported by HostSearch, the service will be called ‘Eunjong’ or ‘Benevolent Affection’ and it will focus on cloud storage.

Sources say that the service will be similar to that offered by Google Drive and Dropbox. The initiative is being driven by the country’s Information Science Technology Department and is close to completion.

There is no notification regarding the availability of the service to the general public. It has been speculated that the service will not be available via the Internet, but through the country’s strictly controlled intranet.

Reports have suggested that only 500,000 North Koreans have access to North Korea’s intranet and the technology that has been proposed is about 10 years behind that of South Korea’s capability.