November 1, 2016

New gTLDs get popular among brands : Reports

An infographic by MarkMonitor gives an insight on which new gTLDs are gaining popularity among brands

American software company MarkMonitor has released an infographic which outlines the new gTLDs which have proven popular with brands. They have also given insights on which new gTLDs have gained large registrations in various market sectors.

According to the report, the new gTLDs which are most popular with brands are .SUCKS, followed by .PORN, .ADULT, .NEWS and .ONLINE. There are also variations across industries with the infographic listing the top 10 for each category.

The top gTLDs for the pharmaceutical industry have been reported as .STORE, .HEALTHCARE, .公司 (the company), .SALE and .SOY and for the hospitality industry they are .VACATIONS, .ISTANBUL, .NYC, .RESTAURANT and .MIAMI. The infographic also lists top ten performing gTLDs for financial services, fashion and luxury, entertainment and media, and consumer goods.

MarkMonitor say that the infographic is a guide for clients and aids the fears of brand owners regarding brand protection across a wide number of new gTLDs.