November 29, 2016

Microsoft’s cloud computing services soar in China

Alain Crozier, Microsoft’s CEO in Greater China region makes statements regarding Microsoft’s growth in China

It has been over two years since Microsoft introduced its cloud computing business in mainland China. Microsoft has now expressed plans to upgrade its development through strategic partnerships in the information technology market.

Alain Crozier, Microsoft’s CEO for Greater China operations is leading the company in its endeavors. He stated that partnerships are front and center of the company’s strategy to accelerate the growth of their cloud business in the market. He said that Microsoft today is very different from what they were five or ten years ago.

Satya Nadella, Chief Executive, Microsoft said :

Customers continue to choose the Microsoft cloud to help transform their businesses and organizations.

Our commercial cloud annualized revenue run rate now exceeds $13 billion.

A survey conducted earlier this month showed that Microsoft has already become China’s second-biggest cloud services provider, with its Office 365 and Azure platforms. Crozier said that Microsoft saw increased traction for Azure on the mainland, where the company estimated it has so far recorded “triple-digit year-on-year revenue growth” and that Microsoft is currently in a very good position.

In one of the first cloud alliances under Crozier’s term on mainland China, Microsoft signed a memorandum of understanding with China Development Bank Capital (CDBC), the investment arm of the state-owned China Development Bank, and urban redevelopment specialist Global Green Development Capital to bring so-called digital transformation programmes in mainland cities over the next 10 years.

He added :

The CDBC partnership involves creating technologies on our platforms for smart city projects that will help improve the quality of life of Chinese citizens in general.

The CDBC is also engaged in projects outside of the country, so Microsoft will also help Chinese companies develop and expand internationally.

The SCMP has more quotes from Alian Crozier on the topic.

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