June 29, 2018

Megaport announces availability of Oracle’s FastConnect in London

The decision aims to provide customers with cloud connectivity that bypasses the public internet and improves network performance.

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NaaS (Network-as-a-Service) provider Megaport has announced the availability of dedicated and private access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect in London. With this availability, customers will be able to access Oracle’s IaaS and PaaS platforms through Megaport’s SDN (Software Defined Network) that provides instant cloud connectivity.

According to Megaport, the need for cloud connectivity and cloud-based applications supporting a large volume of mission-critical data is on the rise. They claim that since cloud as a market is mature in Europe, this demand is pertinent to the region.

By making Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect available in London, Megaport say that they will be lubricating access to cloud applications and fast connectivity through Oracle’s IaaS and Paas platforms. They claim that customers can bypass the public internet to gain instant cloud access in order to improve network performance.

Speaking about this move, Vincent English, CEO of Megaport, commented:

Businesses are increasingly in need of direct connectivity to their cloud applications to support the increasing volume of mission-critical data produced by next-generation technologies.

Our tight alignment with Oracle enables us to bring this service to market rapidly and provides greater access to Oracle’s integrated services and support for the deployment of critical workloads in this cloud-first era.