October 1, 2018

Kaseya acquires SaaS company Spanning Cloud Apps to protect MSPs

The acquisition seeks to integrate Spanning’s data protection technology into Kaseya’s IT Complete platform for cloud protection.

SaaS company

IT management platform developer Kaseya have acquired SaaS company Spanning Cloud Apps to help MSPs (Managed Service Providers) protect sensitive data. As per the terms of the deal, Kaseya will be integrating Spanning Cloud’s data protection technology into their IT Complete platform to take a back-up or recovery of cloud-based data.

According to Kaseya, managed service providers deal with data collation and consolidation on a daily basis for their clients. However, Kaseya claim that these service providers do not have advanced technology to recover or take a backup of this data in unforeseen circumstances.

By acquiring Spanning Cloud, Kaseya believe that they will help these MSPS secure data on the cloud and recover the same in case of disasters. They also say that by integration into Kaseya IT Complete, MSPs can just press a button on the Kaseya console to start a backup or recovery of cloud-based data.

Kaseya claim that they announced the acquisition of the company much later since potential clients were testing the integration with the SaaS company. They say that once their customers were satisfied with the test results, Kaseya let the news out in the open.

Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya, commented:

Our strategy when we buy a company is to spend months to build bi-directional integration. So when we announce the acquisition, we don’t have to tell customers they need to wait six months for things to be ready.

Kaseya say that they won’t be acquiring the sales team of Spanning Cloud but will be operating as a stand-alone business.

Industry patrons are quite impressed with this move and believe that this model will benefit MSPs at large. David Raucher, Director of IT and Managed Services at CHR Solutions, an MSP, commented:

Office 365 and data protection is an interesting model. First, some customers think you don’t need backups. They don’t realize that data protection is not part of the product suite.

For now, I have to back up from the cloud server to on-prem, and then back that up. Spanning with Kaseya gives me three for three.

We believe that the data recovery and security problems faced by MSPs will be answered after this deal and that of Qualys who are offering vulnerability assessment to MSPs.