August 21, 2018

JetStream to secure data on the cloud via ‘JetStream Data Protection’

The launch aims to enable cloud providers with an advanced data management and security solution to protect cloud environments of enterprise customers.

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Cloud-software provider JetStream Software have launched JetStream Data Protection to help cloud providers secure their client’s business-critical data. With this launch, JetStream will be providing a spectrum of data protection capabilities ranging from virtual machine backup to data replication, in order to achieve data recovery and failover.

According to JetStream, enterprises are moving from legacy IT architectures to hybrid cloud environments as a result of digitization. They claim that this growing trend puts the onus on enterprises to secure vital data that will be deployed on the cloud.

JetStream say that legacy IT systems capture data in intermittent snapshots that leads to latency in application performances. By launching JetStream Data Protection, JetStream believe that this latency will be eradicated since the product leverages IO Filters to overcome these drawbacks.

Speaking about the advantages, JetStream say that the product has-

1) Data availability policy engine- to define data replication and instance recovery policies.
2) Cloud store adaptor- to preprocess data for backup.
3) Crash-consistent data pipe- to process data from on-premise environments to the cloud, and;
4) Cloud acceleration tier- to enable consistency and efficiency of cloud resources.

Tom Critser, co-founder and CEO of JetStream Software said:

Data protection is the most common use case for enterprise hybrid cloud. So it is no surprise that the market is moving away from legacy snapshot-based replication architectures and adopting continuous replication methods for cloud-based data resiliency.