May 30, 2018

Iron Mountain acquires data center company EvoSwitch for USD 235M

The acquisition aims to expand presence into Amsterdam, the second largest data center market in Europe.

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Iron Mountain have acquired data center company EvoSwitch for USD 235 million in order to penetrate the data center market in Europe. As per the terms of the acquisition deal, Iron Mountain will be adding two data centers measuring more than 200,000 sq.feet of space to their current data center assets.

According to Iron Mountain, Amsterdam has emerged as one of the top targets for businesses to avail data center services. They claim that its location provides a strategic advantage given its connectivity to major cities in Europe and globally.

By acquiring EvoSwitch, Iron Mountain claim that their position in Europe and Amsterdam in specific will be fortified. They say that by adding more space to their assets and providing a total of 34MW of capacity with these two facilities, Iron Mountain will be able to entice top clients from the region.

Speaking about the acquisition deal, Mark Kidd, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Iron Mountain Data Centers, commented:

We are pleased to welcome the EvoSwitch team and its customers to Iron Mountain. EvoSwitch NL’s focus on security, energy efficiency and its solid track record of continuous uptime is a great fit with our existing data center organization.

When combined with current and potential capacity in Iron Mountain’s existing data center portfolio, our total portfolio now represents more than 285 MW across many of the most attractive and highest net absorption markets in the U.S. and globally.

EvoSwitch say that Iron Mountain have been successful in establishing their data center services through organic and business transactions and are impressed with their growth.

Speaking about the deal, Eric Boonstra, CEO at EvoSwitch, commented:

We look forward to combining our EvoSwitch NL business with that of Iron Mountain Data Centers, which shares our commitment to customer service and operational excellence.

This transaction represents an opportunity for us to extend relationships with our existing customers by providing data center expansion capacity in important continental European markets, and the potential to provide capacity in the important Amsterdam region to Iron Mountain’s legacy data center customer base.