October 17, 2016

Host4Geeks to expand into India

The company will be establishing a full-time operation office in India to run its operations in the country

Managed hosting provider Host4Geeks has announced the expansion of its services by entering into the Indian & Asia-Pacific market. The company is based in the USA and UK and will establish a full-time operation office in India as part of the expansion.

The company said that it intends to start public operations by early November and they have already started private beta testing among their existing clients. The private beta will be followed by public beta testing.

Host4Geeks has declared that they will work with NTT Communication’s NetMagic Datacenter in Delhi, Noida, NCR.

Kushal R., Founder and CEO of the Host4Geeks said :

NetMagic has been the leading provider in the Indian Infrastructure market and boasts hosting some of the biggest companies and startups in India, we are confident that our partnership with NetMagic will yield superior results for our end users.

The company said that they will be supporting payments in local currency and domestic payment gateways.

He added :

Keeping in mind the demographics and target market, we are opening a local office in Pune, India to serve our local clientele.

We have friendly, knowledgeable and bilingual staff who are happy to offer support, advice and communicate with our clients.

Sreejith, Technical Operations Manager at Host4Geeks claimed that the company currently already host a lot of Indian clients at its US and UK locations and therefore decided to expand formally into India to offer services out of an Indian data center for lower latency and improved services for the target audience.