September 9, 2016

GoDaddy files patent application for Flare app

The application connects entrepreneurs to each other to share and collaborate business ideas

This week, GoDaddy filed a patent application covering certain aspects of its Flare app, and the application suggests a possibility for more features to be planned for the future.

In March 2016 “System and Method for Domain Name Community Network” was filed and it was published on Wednesday, based on a provisional patent application filed in March 2015.

The Flare application describes a way to connect small business owners using data such as domain name registrations and websites. It envisions a way to provide referrals, products suggestions, best practices and product/name feedback to business owners.

As of now, GoDaddy offers a simple business idea feedback tool with its Flare app and the patent application lists GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving, VP Rene Reinsberg and Director of Product Nguyen as the inventors.

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