January 18, 2018

EdgeConneX set to launch its first data center in Argentina

The data center launch seeks to provide low-latency and advanced cloud service to the data center-arid region.

Telecom giant

Data center and edge computing company EdgeConneX has announced that they will be launching their first data center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With this launch, EdgeConneX aims to bridge the data center gap present in the region, providing low latency and sophisticated cloud solutions to cloud-native companies in the country.

According to EdgeConneX, the data center will be built in a partnership with local telecom provider Silica Networks and the AAICI (Argentine Agency of Investments and International Trade). They further added that this data center will cater to clients who are looking to speed up their cloud services.
Explaining this with delight, Clint Heiden, Chief Commercial Officer at EdgeConneX said:

We are thrilled to extend the Internet’s Edge into South America, specifically into the Buenos Aires market. As we continue to expand the edge globally in partnership with our customers, we look forward to enhancing the Internet in Buenos Aires by facilitating the fastest and most reliable delivery of cloud, content, network and other services closer to their end users.

Argentina’s Minister of Production, Francisco Cabrera says that the data center launch planned by EdgeConneX is aligned with the country’s interests to ramp up the country’s Data Center Promotion Project, led by the AAICI. He further added that they plan to entice more international investors into the region by promoting this project. Explaining this, he said:

The new Buenos Aires EDC will provide the region with economic growth through the introduction of cutting-edge technology and connectivity, making Argentina a more attractive location for data investment by enterprises across a wide range of industries.

As of now, EdgeConneX have 40 data centers across North America and Europe with approximately 3000 smaller POPs (point of presence). They also say that the plan to build another data center in the South American country Chile, is currently underway.