July 6, 2018

Dutch security company Avensus acquires Benelux firm Auditconnect

The acquisition deal aims to strengthen Avensus’ position in the Dutch market as a cloud-based security and privacy firm.

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Dutch company Avensus have acquired Benelux (politico-economic union of three neighboring states Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) firm Auditconnect in a bid to strengthen their standing as a cloud-based privacy and information security firm in the market. With this acquisition, Avensus will be targeting an approx. revenue of USD 60 million and hope to earn more market share in the cloud market.

According to Avensus, securing cloud environments has been of utmost importance for businesses in Europe that are leveraging the cloud. They claim that the demand for services and solutions that cater to specific cloud needs of businesses is at an all-time high.

In order to meet these demands, Avensus believe that a buy-and-build strategy needed to be adopted. They claim that this acquisition will consolidate their position as a dominant player in the market that facilitates organizations with cloud-security solutions.

According to Avensus, this acquisition is their second of the year after they snapped up IT infrastructure firm ICT Vision. Speaking about the acquisition, a spokesperson for Avensus commented:

Companies and organisations increasingly move their ICT infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud. ICT moves from supporting processes to core processes, whereby vulnerabilities can arise in organisations. Data is the core of every company and securing it is of the utmost importance.